CAPSA charity

Cache Valley’s Great Community

Cache Valley is a great place.  It’s got a lot of resources.  You’ve got businesses, grocery chains, movie theaters, and other things normally associated with big cities.  While it has the resources of a city, it’s got a community that feels more like a small town.  The people know each other and are willing to help each other out in times of need.  We care.  That’s why we joined forces with several companies around Cache Valley to support CAPSA earlier this year.



CAPSACitizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse is a domestic non-profit organization. They provide support and aid in the recovery of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Cache County and Bear Lake area.  They provide free services to men, women and children who have suffered from abuse, no matter what kind or when it happened.  Sponsoring fundraising events and charity races, they raise money, while also providing shelter and living assistance to abuse survivors. They’ve been valued members of Cache Valley for years.

Our Sponsorship

We’ve been supporters of CAPSA for years.  We appreciate the work that they do and how much it helps people.  That’s why we took it a step further this year.  CAPSA has buildings they refer to as transitional houses.  These are buildings that serve as homes for abuse victims while they recover.  They provide a safe place to live and help ease victims back into the process of living on their own.  They use donations from community members to keep the rent on these houses low so victims can get used to paying for their own bills without the stress usually associated with financial concerns.

Funding Concerns

CAPSA Office, Cache Valley, UtahLast year, there was a growing concern for CAPSA funding. They feared that the funding previously provided by the Violence Against Women Act might not be renewed by congress. If this happened, it would be a major blow to their ability to help abuse victims.  That’s when we at MW Construction decided to put some extra effort into helping them out.

In January of this year, we completed construction on one of these transitional houses.  The planning, materials, and labor costs of the construction were all provided for free as a thank you to CAPSA for all their great work.  We hope the donation of our time and services will encourage others in Cache Valley to chip in, too.  The work CAPSA does is invaluable to many people and we want them to be able to continue their service to the community.

From everyone at MW Construction, we’d like to thank CAPSA for what they’ve done for Cache Valley and its residents.